CTA Offers Smart Solutions for Smart Manufacturing

CTA Offers Smart Solutions for Smart Manufacturing

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In today’s highly digital and data-driven environment, smart manufacturing requires a robust and reliable network infrastructure. Employees all along the supply chain need to be able to track orders, inventory, and deliveries—in addition to monitoring and managing production equipment. A minor network glitch or security breach could halt an entire production operation in just milliseconds.

China Telecom Americas (CTA) has the expertise and technology to ensure maximum uptime, security, speed and efficiency through a full suite of cost-effective IT management services tailored for smart manufacturing. CTA’s flexible and reliable solutions include cloud, colocation and connectivity options, such as software-defined wide area network (SD-WAN).

The proliferation of cloud applications and IoT connected devices requires manufacturers to have a flexible and agile platform to effectively route traffic between distant facilities. CTA’s best-in-class SD-WAN solution delivers network controls to secure and manage data while providing access to customers, partners and employees around the world. Ideal for the manufacturing environment, CTA’s SD-WAN platform offers intelligent cost-effective application performance to improve the end-user experience. When configured for manufacturing, CTA’s SD-WAN platform can adapt in real-time to varying bandwidth demands and network conditions, providing reliable, secure global connectivity with access to global cloud platforms.

CTA: Advancing Manufacturing Operations

CTA also offers expert, responsive IT management services that include consulting, planning and deployment services to build your IT network capabilities as your business grows, along with industry-leading cloud services. Today’s global manufacturers need to keep people, data and applications connected and coordinated. With CTA’s cloud services, manufacturers get private connectivity between cloud service providers’ availability zones both inside and outside China. CTA also offers access to China Telecom’s own global cloud infrastructure, with enterprise-grade compute, storage, and networking facilities.

If you are ready to take the next step, contact us here to speak to one of our dedicated provisioning team members and learn how CTA can build your bridge to smart manufacturing on a global scale.