Embracing the Future of Multi-Cloud: A Conversation with Luis Fiallo, Vice President of China Telecom Americas

Multi-Cloud Future: Conversation with Luis Fiallo

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In case you missed it, our very own Luis Fiallo, Vice President of China Telecom Americas (CTA), spoke with Guy Daniels in a one-on-one interview during TelecomTV’s Telcos and Public Cloud Summit. This discussion, in addition to highlighting key trends and IT insights, shed light on how CTA supports customers’ increasing demands for multi-cloud with carefully curated strategies.

With 92% of large U.S. companies having public cloud infrastructure in place already and 82% currently adopting multi-cloud, China Telecom Americas is dedicated to helping customers stay ahead of the curve and achieve their IT goals.

A Shift Towards Multi-Cloud

Fiallo explained that the company’s focus has shifted to providing better, more secure and faster access to multiple clouds, enabling seamless integration. Customers’ evolving needs and the potential for cost and time savings are driving this strategic direction.

“Our own analysis concluded that on our connectivity, we can reduce costs between 15% and higher for the infrastructure that they need to be able to connect all these locations together compared to the traditional way,” said Fiallo during the interview. “We can actually do it 25% faster than [how] we’ve done it in the past. So now you’re getting into a world where our customers are getting more control over their environment, getting it at a cheaper cost, and getting it faster.”

Adapting to the Cloud Era

As cloud technology and applications continue to change the way businesses operate, China Telecom Americas is augmenting its own talent base to better suit these new demands.

“We are in the beginning stages of reshuffling our employee talent base,” said Fiallo. “We have to have engineers that not only understand cloud technology but understand the different applications that are being tied into this cloud infrastructure, so they can then help our clients understand for themselves how it’s done and help them migrate into this environment.”

The shift is a new one for CTA, and Fiallo is optimistic.

“I think it’s actually better suited for us, and it’s a change in the way we operate and how our people think,” he said. “So, we are much more of a consulting-type organization than we were previously.”

The Multi-Cloud Future for Telcos

When it comes to multi-cloud as the future for telcos, CTA is all in.

As Fiallo explains, “If you look at China Telecom as a whole, we have a tremendous amount of assets inside of China. Outside of China, we have less. What we decided to do as a company is… build the cloud infrastructure to help our customers outside of China get access to their cloud infrastructure that they need. Many times, that includes a component inside of China. So for us, that’s the culture.”

In response to this trend, China Telecom Americas has ceased providing traditional line services in the U.S., choosing instead to concentrate on cloud services and building an ecosystem of partners.

“We’re in the process of building out this ecosystem,” said Fiallo. “If you [look at CTA] three years from now, we would be a much bigger company focused on cloud with a lot more resources.”

The race to adapt to the multi-cloud era is on, and China Telecom Americas is eager to evolve and lead the way through this exciting new landscape.

Watch the full interview here.