Gambling appeared in Australia with the first settlers. For more than 300 years, the gambling industry has developed here to such an extent that four out of five residents of the country are in one way or another involved in the gambling business, and one out of five plays on Aussie online casino sites regularly. In this article, we will look at interesting facts about Australia online casino industry. Here they are:

  • Australians are very gambling people. The online casino Australia industry brings in up to $2 billion to the budget annually ($1,300 per person).
  • In Australia, the percentage of male players is higher than that of the general population. While the male population is only 49%, 54% of casino online players are men. At the same time, women gamblers in Australia are 45.8%, although their share in the population is as much as 51%.
  • In Australia, 88.2% of residents are connected to the Internet and 98.9% of users have a bank account, making credit and debit cards the most popular payment method on Australian online casino sites.
  • Microgaming, founded back in 1994, is the first company to offer gambling services in Australia. During its operation, it has played an important role in developing the technologies required for financial systems that process transactions on Australian online casino sites.
  • Poker is the least popular in Australia. Only 0.8% of the country’s residents prefer to spend time playing this card game in online casino Australia.
  • Among young Australians, the engagement rate in gambling was 25.7%. The trend of attracting the young generation to online casino games concerns Australian players to a much lesser extent than gamblers from other countries.
  • Even despite the regulations for displaying visual and audio advertisements of online Australian casino on the network and TV, as well as the ban on advertising between 5 a.m. and 8:30 p.m., best Australian online casino companies prefer to make significant investments to promote their products. Annual advertising spend reaches around $200 million.
  • The Australian government has developed the idea of ‚Äč‚Äčintroducing smart cards that will control the amount that a player can spend in casino online Australia, having previously established a limit on the amount of money that can be lost.

Portrait of the Average Best Online Casino Australia Player

Here is an Australian gambler:

  • Name: Nate
  • Age: 43
  • Gender: male
  • Marital status: married, has children
  • Place of residence: South Australia
  • Lives in a house with a small green area.
  • Favourite food: vegemite and meat patties.
  • Likes to drink beer. Does not smoke.
  • Likes pub meetings with friends.
  • Loves fishing.
  • Likes to watch humorous shows.
  • Considers himself a happy person. Communicative. Simple and pragmatic. He has a peculiar sense of humour, his jokes are usually understandable only to a close circle of people. Both he and his wife work. Patriotic, cheerful and peaceful.

Australians are lucky with internet gambling. They are eagerly served by almost every best online casino, regardless of what software they use and where their servers are located. Therefore, the choice for players from Australia is very wide.