Craps is one of the most addictive games. In establishments in the USA, Europe, and Australia, it attracts a large number of customers, and emotions are overwhelming. Craps is also popular on gambling sites – games with virtual croupiers and tables with live dealers are available. Before getting started, beginners should learn how to play this game in a casino and familiarize themselves with the basic strategy.

Craps Rules

To make bets, chips with no face value, called colour, are used. Their cost is set at the request of the client, but cannot be lower or higher than the table limit. Game process:

  • A casino visitor can enter the game at any time, but the throws are made in turn.
  • The right to throw each hand is transferred counterclockwise.
  • The thrower is called the shooter. In the first round, he should make one of the compulsory bets on the outcome of the round on the Pass or Don’t Pass line.
  • The rest of the participants can bet on the line or skip the bet – there are no mandatory requirements.
  • The shooter is offered five pairs of cubes. It is necessary to choose one – the rest are removed.
  • After choosing the craps, the player throws them. If the sum of the drawn numbers is 2, 3 or 12, then the chips placed on the pass lose.
  • Participants who made bets on not pass win on the roll of 3 or 12, lose on 7 or 11, remain with their own at 2 points.

A roll of seven is important. Pass bets win with seven points on the first roll. The rest are losing. With a seven on the next stage, the Pass is inferior and the Don’t Pass wins. The second round can consist of several throws and ends only after a seven is rolled.

Basic Strategy

When choosing bets, it is necessary to take into account the probability of getting numbers, which allows you to bet more often on the outcomes that are most likely to avoid high risks. The more combinations, the more often the amount appears. It is more difficult to get 2 and 12 since one combination of craps is possible for each number. Seven is the most likely outcome as it is the sum of six combinations.

By betting on the more likely outcomes, the player takes less risk but receives payments with a low coefficient. You can use information that reflects the advantage of the casino over the user in percentage:

  • Pass / Come – 1.41%;
  • Don’t Pass / Don’t Come – 1.36%;
  • Craps – 11.11%;
  • Any 7 – 16.67%;
  • Field – 5.56%;
  • Hardway (jack of fours or ten) – 11.11%
  • Hardway (jackpot of sixes or eights) – 9.09%;
  • Big 6 / Big 8 – 9.09%;
  • Place (four, ten) – 6.67%

Remember that craps is a game of chance. Take into account that the advantage is on the side of the casino. Using a strategy, you can minimize losses and play profitably if you are lucky.

Most likely, you have come across an advertisement for one of the popular casinos on the Internet more than once. Categories of users, in principle, can be conditionally divided into two categories: those who treat such services negatively, those who like casinos and those who do not mind playing there.

Who Can Gamble

Only adults can play online casino games. In most countries, the legal age for gambling is 18, rarely, it is 21. An operator that works on the principle of responsible gambling does not target advertisements to minors, sets the 18+ icon, and it will not be possible to enter the wrong date of birth.

Do not forget: to make a deposit, you need a payment system. No payment system will allow a minor to open an account. But if a minor takes the card and enters the parents’ data, the transaction will go through. However, with any attempt to withdraw funds, the user will be asked for a document for verification. In this case, a minor player will have to borrow documents from parents. If after some time the parents notice that funds appear or disappear on the card, they can contact the casino, and the money deposited by the minors will be returned to them.

Who Can’t Play Casino Games Online?

Based on the general regulations of licenses, each player who has all kinds of problems with gambling and suffering from gambling addiction should be allowed to restrict oneself from the game, through self-exclusion.

Self-exclusion in a casino is an opportunity to be banned from playing in a particular online establishment. There are such types of self-exclusion:

  • Deposit limits. This method is the simplest and most convenient. It allows you to set the necessary deposit limits for yourself using an interactive menu or by communicating with a support operator.
  • Temporary self-exclusion. When players have more serious problems playing in a casino, they will be able to use the temporary self-exclusion function by limiting themselves from playing for a certain time. This parameter allows you to determine the time during which the player will be denied access to the casino.
  • Lifetime casino self-exclusion. This blocking option is the most extreme. It is used only by those players who are completely addicted and experience psychological and financial difficulties from the game. With this option, you just need to contact support with a request to block without the possibility of unblocking your game account.

In general, we can say that pokies are a kind of entertainment that many people like. When some people prefer fishing or bowling, others are not averse to trying their luck in a casino, and at the same time have a certain chance of success. Just remember that fortune will not always be on your side, so never gamble for money, the loss of which will create serious problems for you in life.