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Improve remote user experience with a China cross-border Remote Access VPN solution for multinational business

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A Robust Cost-Effective VPN Solution

China Telecom Americas’ (CTA) Remote Access VPN solutions offer global companies the ability to implement SSL VPN combined with MPLS VPN for end-to-end remote cross-border China business communication. Combined with private carrier networks and exclusively tailored for multinational enterprise users in China requiring cross-border global network access, our premium Remote Access VPN solution provides flexibility, security, high performance, and availability for users across mainland China. Reinforce work-from-anywhere (WHA) security by implementing and self-managing your company’s global Remote Access VPN standard software (or leverage China Telecom branded VPN software), overlayed across CT’s CN2 aggregation gateways and private cross border MPLS network for a premium user-experience.


Reliable Cross-border Connectivity

Establish secure, end-to-end Remote Access VPN connectivity between end-users, home networks, office networks, central offices and public cloud environments inside of China with those sitting outside of China’s international gateways.

Powerful Global Network

Remote Access VPN backbone network coverage includes 300+ cities in Mainland China with private MPLS connectivity to 110+ carrier peering partners at 80+ Points of Presence (PoPs) worldwide.

Fast Provisioning & Scalability

With fast and effective implementation, Remote Access VPN solutions allows connections to scale as business needs change.  Bring your own VPN solutions, add users and sites as needed.

Customer Self-Managed Options

Remote Access VPN customers have the ability to implement the global security vendor of their choice for end-to-end SSL tunneling with termination at customer managed endpoint devices.

Dedicated 24/7 Customer Support

24/7 proactive network connectivity management and support; dedicated local customer support teams; two global Network Operations Centers (NOC), CT branded VPN software offers a portal for anytime access.


Features of Remote Access VPN

Single-Source China Network Provider

Single-Source Provider

• Combine Remote Access VPN solutions for edge users with a licensed MPLS cross border core network from China Telecom Americas.

• With CT’s Tier-1 China network availability and global IP backbone, you can self-manage, end-to-end cross border connectivity for remote users in China with one dependable supplier in United States.

• CTA’s customer service teams in the USA and China help you quickly turn up Remote Access VPN network connections (and keep them up) so you can focus on your core business.

Simple, Cost-Effective VPN Solution

Simple, Cost-Effective VPN Solution

• China Telecom Americas Remote Access VPN solution is exclusively tailored for high-end users seeking premium VPN services at competitive pricing

• Remote Access VPN offers the same security and reliability as digital private leased-line circuits with the flexibility of anytime mobile access

• Access to our NetCare platform provides proactive real-time network connectivity management and troubleshooting, saving on both CAPEX and OPEX

Flexible, Scalable

Flexible, Scalable

• China Telecom Americas delivers custom, end-to-end network solutions that match your enterprise application requirements from remote end-points at the edge through to your access and core networks

• By combining global Internet and 3G/4G mobile networks of CTA’s affiliates with those of its global partners, we can ensure a fast, reliable network for your secure, encrypted enterprise data transmissions

• Enhanced value-added services including NetCare, equipment procurement and leasing, equipment maintenance outsourcing, and system integration services are also available

Customizable Configurations

Customizable Configurations

• SSL VPN to SaaS – Provides interconnections to SaaS providers like Oracle, Office365 and Salesforce, and is compatible with all devices

• SSL VPN to MPLS VPN – Provides faster and more stable access to your intranet, leveraging your own authentication compliance standards

• SSL VPN to Public Cloud Service Providers – Allows users to access cloud service providers (CSPs) from their mobile devices and provides direct link access to the most commonly used enterprise platforms, including AWS, Microsoft® Azure, Google Cloud Platform (GCP), Alibaba Cloud and Tencent Cloud

Use Cases

Distance Learning Solutions

China Telecom Americas Distance Learning Solutions allow students, lecturers and research associates in China to securely access academic institutions’ central network and cloud applications hosted outside of China.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What are your Remote Access VPN pricing options?

We offer flexible pricing options to match your specific Remote Access VPN deployment needs and budget.

Can I change my Remote Access configuration and pricing easily?

Yes. CTA’s Remote Access VPN service is designed to be flexible and to evolve to meet your needs as your business grows. Network security is critical to us.

How secure is your Remote Access VPN service?

CTA’s Remote Access VPN service allows you to implement your chosen vendors for SSL encryption industry standards and tunnel between end-points and devices over China Telecom’s private backbone network. CTA’s Remote Access VPN network is highly secure and offers numerous security features, redundancies, and fault identification/restoral services, plus our NetCare platform allows you to proactively monitor and manage network connectivity at all times to identify and correct potential problems.

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