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Connect and collaborate with colleagues, customers, and business partners around the world with reliable cloud conferencing technology.

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Global businesses need real-time global access to colleagues, customers, suppliers, investors, and other key business partners. In today’s globalized business environment, collaborating and building solid relationships with stakeholders is more important than ever. Our high-quality Cloud Conferencing platform lets you connect and collaborate as effectively as being there in person, helping you build the engaging relationships you need for success.


Anytime, Anywhere Access Worldwide

Service coverage across 51 countries with outgoing conference call service in 77 countries; Local conference access codes available in more than 100 countries

Reliable Technology

The latest cloud conferencing technology and guaranteed quality on China Telecom Americas’ global backbone network

Fully Customizable, Easy to Manage

Easy-to-use self-managed voice and screen sharing platform; Fully customizable for your business needs

Cost Effective

Cost-effective packages for trans-Pacific or global communications; Unlimited number of concurrent calls via toll-free and DID service


Features of Cloud Conferencing Services

Supports Multiple Equipment Platforms

Supports Multiple Equipment Platforms

• Cloud Conferencing supports fixed-line phone, mobile phone, SIP terminal or PC terminal access without configuration

• Fully integrated with WeChat customer support

Easy Self-Management

Easy Self-Management

• Web-based management platform makes scheduling, accessing, and managing each conference easy

• Simple two-step connection process gets participants online quickly

• Modify conference settings, access account info, and see detailed calling and billing records online

Reliable and Secure Technology

Reliable and Secure Technology

• Our advanced global IP networks and broad endpoint device support provide highest quality video conferencing

• Meeting passcodes ensure conference security

Use Cases

Industry Solutions Serving Key Verticals with Global Expertise

Stay one step ahead of the competition with China Telecom Americas’ networking and connectivity solutions designed for the unique needs of key industry sectors.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Why is China Telecom Americas' Cloud Conferencing service the best choice for me?

Our Cloud Conferencing service provides an array of capabilities, it’s easy to use and manage, and we offer reliable coverage around the world.

How secure is your service?

Your Cloud Conferencing meetings will take place over our reliable, highly secure global network. You’ll benefit from the same enterprise-grade security we’ve built in for all our services.

Is there a limit to the number of meetings I can hold in a month?

We offer a variety of cost-effective packages to meet your specific conferencing needs. We’ll work closely with you to ensure you choose the package that’s best for you.

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