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China Telecom Americas’ Global Internet service offers multinational enterprises SLA backed internet access. Our global internet service offers premium China connectivity worldwide, customized route options, carrier-grade network security, and a variety of bandwidth speeds and Internet access technologies. In addition, we offer your choice of service levels, flexible billing options, and 24/7 activity management and support.


Worldwide Coverage

China Telecom’s Tier 1 network infrastructure is connected by over 400 backbone transmission nodes in China and across the world.

Customizable Route & Services

Customized route options available, including Mainland China, international or both; bundle with value-added services, including SD-WAN and DDoS mitigation

24/7 Activity Management & Support

24/7 proactive activity management and technical support, plus our NetCare web portal for added network performance management and trouble ticket reporting

Superior Performance, Competitive Pricing

Competitively priced and backed by service level agreements (SLAs) ensuring superior network performance, reliability and value.

Future-proof Scalablility

CT’s light load network capacity is reliable and both Internet Protocol version 4 (IPv4) and Internet Protocol version 6 (IPv4 / IPv6) dual-stack access; all backed by industry-competitive SLAs


Features of Global Internet

Comprehensive Network Technologies

Comprehensive Network Technologies

• Our global internet service features a completely new IPv6-capable backbone built on leading technology

• Available bandwidth options are SDH (2M and above) and Ethernet (1M – 10G)

• Multiple service options are available, including MPLS/IP VPN, DIA, NGN Trunk, 4G/5G Trunk, private leased lines, and more

• Available access types include T1/E1, DS3, OC-3, FE, and GigE

• Dual stack IPv4/IPv6 supported

Premium Network Access

Premium Network Access

• China Net (AS 4134) – a robust Internet network carrying the highest number of broadband subscribers in China

• CN2 (AS 4809) – our next-gen carrier network delivering highly efficient global transit services to further optimize the end-user experience

• Global and regional routing supported

Flexible Access Options

Flexible Access Options

• High-capacity fully managed network enables enterprises to easily upgrade bandwidth requirements to quickly and cost effectively scale with business growth

• Choose from static routing or BGP-4 routing with AS 4809 and speed from 1M to 10G

• Flexible billing options available, including fixed monthly charges and usage-based billing based on contingency usage (95th percentile) model

• Provide both fixed bandwidth billing and burstible bandwidth traffic billing


Unmatched Network Security, Reliability

Unmatched Network Security, Reliability

• Carrier-grade network security ensured with AS-SET updates, DNS registry, built-in firewall, and Anti-DDoS services

• A variety of other protection strategies are also available, including black hole routing and flowspec

• Redundant transmission structure and high-stability grid network keep your connections online with 99.9% service availability and 99.99% network availability levels

• Light load network capacity is reliable, and the rate is stable

Use Cases

Industry Solutions Serving Key Verticals with Global Expertise

Stay one step ahead of the competition with China Telecom Americas’ networking and connectivity solutions designed for the unique needs of key industry sectors.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Our company has Internet connections that peer to China Mainland. Why use ChinaNet or CN2?

ChinaNet and CN2 offer the most direct and optimized access to the largest population of China Internet users that avoids congested peering.

Internet is Internet. What makes China Telecom’s IP network different?

China Telecom’s next-gen IP network, CN2, satisfies the complexities of globally distributed, Internet-based, high bandwidth, mission-critical applications.

How can I be assured that China Telecom offers the coverage my organization needs in China?

We provide broadband access to 300 Chinese cities in all 31 provinces.

Isn’t language a barrier to customer service?

We have a 24/7 Network Operations Centers (NOC) offering bilingual service globally.

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