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Globally distributed enterprises are embracing multiple new, innovative digital technologies to keep up with the pace of today’s real-time business communications. But the demand still exists for high-quality heritage voice services as well.  As voice networks  become more advanced, interconnecting both fixed and mobile, legacy and nextgen technologies across regions everywhere is critical for business success.  China Telecom Americas voice services meet enterprise requirements for reliable, high-quality inbound and outbound communications for China and beyond.


24/7 Customer Support

24/7 proactive network support; Bilingual network operations center; pre-sales experts, post-sales technical operations and customer support personnel

Worldwide Voice Coverage

Our global footprint includes PoPs and voice network infrastructure that extend to +100 countries worldwide through carrier partners and affiliates

Premium-Quality Routes

Our wholesale voice services provide carriers, calling card providers and long-distance operators with premium-quality routes at competitive rates


Features of Voice Services

Variety of Services

Variety of Services

• International 4008 Toll Free Service (ITFS 800) originating in China and other Asian countries, with PTSN termination and DID services

• Application-to-person (A2P) messaging (SMS) services include notifications, alerts and mobile contextual marketing messages such as flight alerts, banking updates or new offers from merchants. Messages are sent via Public IP or IPSEC interconnection (HTTP / HTTPS / SMPP). Restrictions apply in certain regions

•  Cloud Hosted PBX, SIP Trunk and Call Center solutions only available outside of China, with coverage in APAC, Mexico, UK

•  We have two types of termination connections at two separate locations: TDM connections; VoIP Connections (SIP – only certain regions and H323)

Premium-Quality, Competitive Wholesale Voice

Premium-Quality, Competitive Wholesale Voice

• Global Inbound Service, Outbound Call Termination is provided in more than 100 countries, including, Mexico, the UK and all Asia-Pacific countries

• The service employs reliable technology, expert monitoring, and billing options that make the service powerful and flexible for many types of clients

Proven Technologies

Proven Technologies

• Our voice platform is based on best-of-breed underlay technology with Interconnection to the China Telecom’s global and domestic voice networks

• Service supports the following services: Speech, 3.1 kHz audio, 64 kbit/s (C7, SS7, ISDN)

Reliable Network Connectivity

Reliable Network Connectivity

• Wholesale voice network interconnects seamlessly with existing PSTN networks, as well as VoIP networks, by supporting rich signaling protocols including SS7

• Quality of Service (QoS) technologies permit high-quality voice to be carried over a packet switch network

Flexible International Voice Termination Service

Flexible International Voice Termination Service

• International Voice Termination, our wholesale voice service, enables you to meet your customers’ needs for cost-effective, high-quality calls

Use Cases

Industry Solutions Serving Key Verticals with Global Expertise

Stay one step ahead of the competition with China Telecom Americas’ networking and connectivity solutions designed for the unique needs of key industry sectors.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Does voice service availability vary from inside of China to outside of China?

Yes,  many voice services available outside of mainland China are not available in-country.  China Telecom Americas provides a suite of UC / voice solutions outside of China (mainly in the APAC region) that include: call center solutions, cloud conferencing, SIP trunking and Hosted PBX.   Services specific to mainland China, include CTA’s International 4008 service.

What is an International 4008 number?

China Telecom Americas’ International 4008 product provides high-quality international toll-free (ITFS) voice transfer services for multinational companies and carriers.  The International 4008 product provides customers with a unique (4008) number for China domestic access. It sends the calls of the 4008 number to overseas carriers or enterprise customer’s call centers and voice platforms using convergence, number translation and routing functions.  The International 4008 offers international call forwarding to 100 countries and regions worldwide.

What is pricing for your Wholesale Services?

Pricing varies by connection types and scopes of service, but we offer competitive rates and flexible configurations.

What can CTA offer me that other providers can’t?

Our history in the voice market is long and successful. Our Wholesale Services are hosted on our affiliates high-capacity network. This meshed network offers built-in redundancy, and superior reach and quality throughout Asia and the Americas. International termination is provided worldwide by our own direct routes and by direct connectivity with leading international PTTs. Plus, we’re continually pioneering new technologies and service improvements, and continually upgrade our infrastructure. Ours is a network built for today and to evolve tomorrow.

How strong are your relationships with other providers?

Our relationships with other PTTs are strong, so our interconnect agreements are sound. We can offer termination to virtually any destination in Asia, so you can avoid having to negotiate termination agreements with individual operators in each country. We would be your single point of contact, so you can concentrate on helping your customers grow with you.

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