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Global business relies on the internet, and with growth in connected devices, DDoS protection of your global Internet resources should be a critical part of your corporate security standard. With our Distributed Denial of Service Attack (DDoS) protection, your business gets piece-of-mind from real-time detection and mitigation of attack traffic using the latest security and threat detection technologies. Supported with large network capacity, our DDoS protection service detects if incoming traffic flow accelerates rapidly, web filters identify abnormal events and redirects traffic to a controlled source for before returning cleaned traffic back to the affected organization.


Proactive Real-Time Traffic Threshold Management

Proactive, 24×7 real-time traffic threshold management to trigger mitigation measures to maintain clean-pipe service

Optional Services Based On Business Locations

Obtain the mitigation services (clean-pipe or blackhole) that work well for your operations

Isolate and Block Issues

Using BGP communities, APIs and online management portal, customers can block victim IP address in seconds

Over 40 Mitigation Centers & Large Capacity Worldwide

Large capacity 1000G network with less business impact, low latency during mitigation

No Special Equipment Required on Customer Premises

No need to deploy special equipment and special routers

Portal & Reporting Features

Comprehensive Attack Analysis & Reporting

Cost-Effective Solutions

Flexible service offering to reduce investment and operating costs


Features of DDoS Protection Services

24/7 Customer Service Support

24/7 Customer Service Support

We offer 24/7 emergency bilingual support and customer service. We have experts on hand with ISP level expert service.

Fast Mitigation Solutions

Fast Mitigation Solutions

Our mitigation incident initiation from the time the attacks become detected to when traffic becomes diverted into the mitigation platform is within 15 minutes. Then we offer mitigation precision for most types of DDoS attacks.

Technical Features

Technical Features

Currently, our clean-pipe DDoS protection solution only provides mitigation for IPV4 addresses using attack detection based on NetFlow over TCP/IP (ISO Layer 3 & Layer 4)

Incident Reports

Incident Reports

We offer monthly customer incident reports based on the customer’s requirements, so they understand what is going on with their network traffic.

Multiple Alert Options

Multiple Alert Options

Receive text, email, call, and WeChat alerts of a DDoS attack in progress.

Use Cases

Industry Solutions Serving Key Verticals with Global Expertise

Stay one step ahead of the competition with China Telecom Americas’ networking and connectivity solutions designed for the unique needs of key industry sectors.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Are DDoS attacks dangerous for my company?

A DDoS attack is the most dangerous cyber threat that can impact any size business. They can prevent customers from interacting with your company through Internet services, such as preventing financial transactions from being completed.

What does DDoS Protection services offer?

China Telecom Americas DDoS Protection services provides proactive, 24×7 real-time traffic threshold management. We detect incoming DDoS attacks and reroute them to a mitigation platform to prevent network system interruptions.

What is DDoS Clean-Pipe Service?

DDoS Clean-Pipe Service identifies a Distributed Denial of Service (DDoS) attack occurring, the deployed dedicated mitigation platforms to re-route attack traffic, clean at centralized scrubbing centers, and re-inject the cleaned traffic back to the customer.

What is DDoS Blackhole Service?

DDoS Blackhole Service identifies when a DDoS attacks the user server, the next hop of attacked target IP address is changed to an empty address (or black-hole server) to block traffic and protect the customers network.

How do I know when an DDoS attack has happened?

We offer an automatic alert system when a DDoS attack is in progress. This feature allows you to engage in additional remediation steps to further secure your network systems.

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