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China Telecom (Americas) Leading The Way on Business Continuity and CSR during COVID-19

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Panelists share best practices on how to be a responsible corporate citizen during COVID-19

WASHINGTONJuly 28, 2020 – Nearly 100 U.S.- China business community leaders tuned in to hear China Telecom (Americas) Corporation (CTA) Vice President Luis Fiallo, and other panelists, share best practices on how to be a responsible corporate citizen during COVID-19. Fiallo said, “As early as in January, we have gauged the severity of the situation and started to take appropriate measures to address the crisis and share lessons learned with U.S. industry peers.”

CTA quickly set up an Emergency Response Team to protect the interests of employees and families. As a result of rapidly adapting its operational procedures and introducing hygiene and social distancing policies to offices across the Americas, the company seamlessly transitioned to remote work, and experienced zero cases of the virus. Fiallo concluded, “Also, understanding the importance of giving back to local communities, CTA donated tens of thousands of units of personal protective equipment, including N95 masks, to hospitals and clinics. Moreover, our employees made personal monetary donations to food banks in cities across America.”

The online panel discussion, organized by CGCC-USA and CGCC-D.C., Monday, titled, “Leadership Story Time: Business Continuity and CSR Best Practices during COVID-19,” was moderated by Ernest & Young Partner Shau Zhang. Along with Mr. Fiallo, the panelists included International Vitamin Corporation (IVC) Senior Vice President Veena Chillar, CRRC Sifang America Vice President Haitao Qu, Bank of China U.S.A. Chief Communications Officer Peter Reisman and Sany America General Manager Mengtao Xie.

China Telecom Americas, a wholly-owned US-based subsidiary of China Telecom Corp. Ltd., is an international telecom provider for Data, IP and Voice Wholesale services to multinational companies, organizations and international carriers requiring China domestic services and International access to China & Asia Pacific.

With headquarters in Herndon, Virginia, and offices in Chicago, Los Angeles, Dallas, San Jose, and subsidiaries in Toronto, Canada, and Sao Paolo, Brazil, China Telecom Americas continues to expand its strength and reach.

China Telecom Americas provides locally based, one-stop-shop, turnkey solutions for everything from China domestic and international data circuits to IDC services, network management, equipment management, system integration, and much more.

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